Ten Mistakes Merchants Make When Launching Affiliate Programs

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Using affiliate marketing techniques for your business sounds great. It can save money and extend your marketing “team” when you’re building your brand on a budget. Yet if you lack experience and training in it you may hurt your venture.

While marketing can sometimes be a trial-and-error process, the Internet can highlight missteps. Commit one marketing error and your online presence suffers. Just look at companies who blew it by simple social media posts.

What to Avoidaffiliate marketing program launch

Each merchant began as a novice and many failed the first time they used affiliate marketing. To protect you from repeating their errors, here are blunders you must avoid.

  • Selling to potential affiliates/influencers instead of educating them – You selected partners to help you market your product and venture through their sites, so let them mind the selling. Your main task is to inform them of the benefits they can gain from the transaction. Teach them how to be a brand advocate, not like a stranger who just happens to be helping you.
  • Thinking that affiliate marketing is not an investment – Affiliate marketing may appear trivial and an afterthought (some argue that it cannibalises other parts of the business) but if done right, it’s far from it and is effective in reaching more customers then you would otherwise see. Be willing to treat the affiliate and or influencer like a real partner and create a commission or payment that makes sense for all.
  • Running too many programs – While having more programs means better sources of income, they may rarely be effective. Focus on one or a few campaigns than having several programs you cannot work on all together. The keys here are focus and attention. Make sure the proper pieces for SEO, PPC and email are in place and slot affiliate marketing in to fill the holes and build from there.
  • Choosing the wrong program(s) – Not every campaign suits each business. With the wrong campaigns, you may have set unreachable goals. Thus, make a thorough assessment before using any program.
  • Connecting with the wrong partners – This should be obvious but when choosing an affiliate, consider online reputation and the traffic it can bring to your web site. Don’t just have an automatic “accept” of applications. Consider their industry and relevance to your products/services. Failure to do this may expose your venture to the wrong groups that are not potential customers.
  • Taking search engine optimization (SEO) for granted – Online marketing requires search engine friendly tools such as keywords. Whatever is your campaign, use relevant words and phrases because they can connect you to your target consumers.
  • Joining too many networks – In this space, there is no real need to be in 3 affiliate networks. The success of every campaign relies on how your partners market your business. Their strategies are the ones that work, and not others.
  • Fearing to take a different niche – Never choose the most famous market. Focus on something that offers plenty of room to serve those who received less attention or overlooked by others.
  • Being impatient with the results – It takes time to see your progress in affiliate marketing. Remember, online success does not happen overnight.
  • Failing to track progress – How will you know how far have you gone if you are not monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns?

To avoid these mistakes, seek the services of an experienced and reliable affiliate manager and achieve both online and business success. Find the best affiliate marketing company for your selling needs.


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