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Affiliate Management Company Launches New Program with a Unique Vision

Affiliate Mission has debuted a new affiliate management agency that combines the best of two supporting programs: outsourced affiliate management and social responsibility.

March 31, 2014

Raleigh, NC based outsourced affiliate management company, Affiliate Mission is on a mission and that mission sets it apart from others in the industry: being socially responsible while managing their client company’s affiliate programs in the most effective way possible.  This combination of smart business sense while donating a percentage of their quarterly profits to the merchant’s charity of choice, is quickly gaining Affiliate Mission a reputation of being about much more than just marketing.

Priest Willis, Sr, President of commented, “Technology is changing lives and creating great wealth and that’s wonderful, but there’s still so many people who are suffering and are in need of basic necessities and we all can do something to make lives of others better.  Affiliate Mission serves a dual purpose. Not only are we helping our clients become as successful as possible in their affiliate programs, but we’re helping others outside of spreadsheets and data.  For us, this is a perfect way to do business.”

Affiliate Mission let’s all of their clients choose who they’d like to see the company donate to quarterly.  If clients don’t have a favorite charity, the company is more than happy to donate to one of the organizations they already work with like Salvation Army,, Ronald McDonald House and others.

Beyond being recognized for their social responsibility, Priest Willis and Affiliate Mission also have shining reputations as affiliate program managers.

“Having worked with Priest for several years and across different programs, I feel like I have gotten to know him as an affiliate manager and a friend both. He is one of the most ethical people in our industry and his integrity shows through in all that he does,”  Tricia Meyer, owner of Sunshine Rewards, said,   “You can count on Priest to follow through on tasks and steer projects in a positive way. His experience combined with his enthusiasm for internet marketing make him one of the affiliate managers I can always count on to help me grow my business.”

It’s clear that Affiliate Mission is a business who’s time has come.

For more information on the company and their mission visit or call 414-274-9373.




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