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Personal Story on Anxiety and CBD – CBD Talk Podcast, January 2019

Leverage Affiliate Marketing & Transitioning Careers – Commas Series (The Podcast), January 2019


2018 Year End Review in the Cannabis and CBD Industry – CBD Professor, December 2018

Will Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Join Forces? – Social Pros Podcast, July 2018

Our Mental Health Battles – Get Well Get Money Podcast, June 2018

Digital Marketing, Affiliates & When To Pivot In Your Work – Gadget Flow Podcast, June 2018

Want to Create Additional Streams of Income? Affiliate Marketing Can Help – The Creative Marketing Zone, June 2018

Discussion on CBD and Affiliate Marketing – CBD School Podcast, May 2018

How To Increase Sales Through Affiliate Marketing – The Click & Convert Podcast, January 2018


How 25 Side Hustlers Made Their First Entrepreneurial Income – Side Hustle Nation (Podcast), May 2017 (#20, 34:07)

Creating Your Side Hustle – Success IQ, April 2017

Hacking Your Job To Build A Life – Revenue Chat Podcast, April 2017

How To Add Value With Affiliate Marketing – Accelerate Podcast, March 2017

London Interview – Business Radio, August 2017 (2 hr interview…wow)


How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing – The Big Movement Podcast, December 2016

Outsource Your Side Hustle – Misfit Entrepreneur, December 2016

Inflation, Risk, the US Election, and Affiliate Marketing, the Inside Story – The xTEN Podcast, November 2016

Affiliate Marketing in 2016 -Digital Marketing Radio, June 2016

How To Make The Side Hustle Work & Build Passive Income – The Brand Journalist Advantage Podcast, July 2016

Marketing with a Mission – Vroom Vroom Veer Podcast, October 2016

Building an Affiliate Empire without Neglecting Your Family – Hello Tech Pros Podcast, September 2016

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business – Veteran on The Move Podcast, June 2016

Growing a Business – New Work Revolution Podcast, November 2016

Why Affiliate Marketing Should Not Be Ignored – Evolving SEO Podcast, October 2016

His Son Playing College Football, Maybe Becoming a Vegan, and Cutting the Cord – This Is Affiliate Marketing Podcast, May 2016

Creating Success and Building Your Legacy – Corbinlinks Podcast, May 2016

Patience, Persistence and the Entrepreneurial Mission – Startup Dad Headquarters, January 2016

Video Interview

Sr. Manager and Business Owner IT Interview with Priest Willis Sr. Started From The Bottom Episode 9, October 2018

Testimonial: How Radius and Altitude Are Helping Lenovo Scale Their Partner Marketing Program – Impact Radius, November 2018

Breaking Down Your Hustle – Evan Carmichael LIVE, July 2017

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – Engineered Truth, June 2016 (78k views and counting…)

Today’s Evolving Advertiser: Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Advertiser Program – Commission Junction University, January 2013

How To Sell Products for Merchants as An Affiliate – PlanetXEO, June 2016

Text Interviews

How Lenovo Is Moving Beyond Last-Click Attribution, May 2018

Slide Decks

Harrison’s (4th grade) Internet Marketing Career Day – February, 2016

Articles, Blog Posts

The Danger of The ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Culture – Medium , February 2019

Social Media Sabbaticals – Feedfront Magazine, February 2019

Leveraging Affiliate Marketing For Your Business or Side Hustle – CultureBanx, December 2018

Coca-Cola Looking to CBD to Get Well & Get Money – CultureBanx, November 2018

Be a Quitter – Feedfront Magazine, July 2018

Happiness and Being Rich Beyond Money – Feedfront Magazine, December 2017

Mentally Breaking Down Your Hustle – Feedfront Magazine, September 2016

It Might Be Time To Outsource – Feedfront Magazine, January 2016

Doing Business That Matters – Revenews November 2014

How To Cage Google Animals – Ezine Articles, June 2012

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