MM72: Bitcoin Investing 101, Freelancing and Quitting His Full-Time Job with Ian Balina

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Ian Balina is a cryptocurrency investor, serial entrepreneur, author, and film maker. He was a full-time employee at IBM until the day of our interview  to focus on Amazon FBA and his cryptocurrency investments.ian balina balina sales

Ian authored The Complete Freelancer Guide, a book that encourages others how to start a freelancing business. He founded Fusion Video Producers, a video production company that’s worked with Nancy Pelosi and NFL star Pierre Garcon. He is known for his ability to “hack the system” and create multiple streams of income through investing in cryptocurrencies, turning hobbies into freelance businesses, short-term real estate rentals and creating private label brands that sell items on Amazon.

He is the founder of Peer Hustle, a mobile on-demand freelance jobs marketplace, as well as a tech evangelist for IBM’s North American Open Source and Hybrid Cloud business. Ian holds a Masters in Computer Engineering from The George Washington University and spoke alongside Michelle Obama during his graduation.

*I apologize for the sound going faint for a few minutes. I’ve been working with Zencaster and slowly trying to move from SuperTinTin



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