MM69: Tyler Merrick on Making Sweet Deals, Building a Unique Snack Business and More!

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Tyler Merrick, founder and CEO of  Project 7 started 10yrs ago after learning about social entrepreneurship through a friend. He soon discovered, however, that social entrepreneurship works only when people want to buy the product you’re selling. A

fter restart of the brand and  reformulated products, Project 7’s sales now exceed $10 million, and its gums and gummy bears are distributed at Target, Meijer, SuperValu, Starbucks and elsewhere. The company donatetyler merrick project 7s a minimum of 10% of its profits to seven areas of focus, including tree-planting, clean water and anti-bullying program.

  • Merrick talks about his pet care venture he worked in over 10yrs
  • Being a For Profit supporting non-profits
  • Why having good product should be the focus vs. the social mission
  • The seven areas of need across the globe that Project 7 helps fund
  • How he penetrated the gum and candy business
  • Failing in business
  • How others can create sustainable goods and create a business/products that they can have an impact on social good?
  • and much more!


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