MM60: Nice Guy Climbing up the Amazon Book Charts with Author Doug Sandler (Replay)

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Doug Sandler, top ranked Amazon author of Nice Guys Finish First, and co-host of the Nice Guys on Business podcast. Doug launched his Nice Guys Finish First concept in a world where too many companies think of their customers as just a number.

He is passionate about his message and when you see him speak it is easy to see why Nice Guys Finish First. Since 1984 Doug has been entertaining group sizes from 10 to 10,000. As Doug started his career in the DJ business he always kept an eye on the importance of exceptional customer service. It really wasn’t until a career changing performance in 1992 that Doug truly understood the importance of exceeding customer service expectations. Since then, Doug has performed in front of nearly half a million people and has won awards and recognition all over the country for his amazing ability to keep a crowd engaged. His programs involve a combination of audience interaction, 100% participation and unique style.

We covered;

  • How we should have genuine relationships in such a technology connected doug sandler nice guys podcastworld?
  • How we should inspire clients and not sell to them?
  • Choosing not to be a part of a dog eat dog world
  • How Zappos is getting it right
  • And more…!

To learn more about Doug, check out his site at and on Twitter @DJDoug.

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