MM57: Starting Over with a Startup: From Pop Star Video Director to Entrepreneur with Sequoia Blodgett (Replay)

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For nine years, Sequoia Blodgett worked in the entertainment industry as a commercial and video director for many mainstream pop artists.

After being hospitalized, she began to ask herself would she be happy with all she had sequoia blodgett black enterpriseaccomplished if it all should end then. Sequoia began her road to entrepreneurism and so began her journey into Draper U, her  website, 7AM and ultimately her appearance on ABC Family’s ‘Startup U’.

We discuss;

  • Her transformation from video director to entrepreneur
  • Her experience at Draper University and with ABC’s ‘Startup U’
  • Her website 7AM, a marketplace for personal development
  • Best practices in getting your business backed by a venture capitalist. Including what she’s learned from her investor, Tim Draper.
  • Advantages of living in the Bay Area for Tech entrepreneurs
  • And much more…

Early in 2017 (this year) Black Enterprise announced their new podcast, BE The Code which features all things tech and picked Sequoia Blodgett, Black Enterprise’s tech editor in Silicon Valley to host.

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