MM50: A Talk on WordPress, Membership sites and more with Chris Lema

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Chris Lema has been building web applications since you could build them (1995). Over the last 12 years he’s used WordPress to build everything from blogs to websites to web applications for folks like his brother, his friends and companies like ABC. A regular blogger and public speaker, he is also the Vice President of Products for Liquid Web.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Chris at the WordCamp 2017 in Raleigh. I’m creating a membership site called Horizontal Money and couldn’t find a better person to speak to about setting that up then with Chris. chris lema, wordcamp raleigh

Chris and I discuss;

  • What’s the difference between a subscription site and membership site.
  • If I have you have an online store already. What are some things you should take into consideration.
  • Plugins that you would consider for wordpress and why?
  • One of the largest mistakes that he sees online store owners making with membership sites
  • Some of the coolest eCommerce sites that you’ve seen incorporate memberships
  • Best membership plugins
  • An interesting product that has been recently released in the space in general


Namecheap is a domain name registrar and web hosting company.

If you’re interested in Reppin ‘Horizontal Money’ (making money while you sleep), get the shirt! 

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