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Quincy is a former teacher and school director who transitioned into a career in tech. He is the creator of Free Code Camp, an open source community of over 500,000 people who learn to code while building projects for nonprofits.

Quincy first became interested in tech while working in China as a school director. During quincy larsonthis time, his focus on using technology to increase efficiency led to a career change. Back in California, Quincy began attending meetups and hackathons as often as he could. His networking efforts led him to his first tech job, and eventually to his founding of Free Code Camp.

In this episode, Quincy and I discuss…

  • His career move from teaching to becoming a programmer.
  • Why he started Free Code Camp?
  • How Free Code Camp is different from paying for profit code camps?
  • Is this a Non-profit or for profit business? What’s the long term sustainability around this?
  • Is coding for everyone?
  • The process someone can expect from learning how to code, to gettting a job.
  • and much more!
The Marketplace by Priest Willis, Sr MM43: Learn To Code For Free, Help Non-Profits & Build a Career with
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You Can Do Real-World Work at This Free Coding Boot Camp

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