MM35: Dan Shure on Becoming an Evolving Entrepreneur and Helping You Master SEO

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Evolving SEO, a boutique SEO company located Massachusetts. Dan’s been heavily involved with SEO after starting in helping his father establish his business onlne. Dan who went to college and graduated with a degree in music switched gears after doing side work in music, started his own business and this is where the journey and evolution begins. Dan and I discuss; Dan Shure - evolving SEO
  • His love or music and his hustle beginning out of financial desperation but evolved into a real love for SEO.
  • Useless College degrees and why critical thinking and creativity should be the focus.
  • Believing everything you hear or read, how it shaped the election and the big sites getting rid of 'Fakenews'.
  • What evolving SEO is and my need to keep calling evolving CEO (geez!).
  • Approaching SEO as a beginner
  • Being strategic on what content to delete from your blog and why.
  • Google Correlate, what it does and a hidden trick.
  • Domains we’ve purchased. My latest is We’re willing to part with some if interested.
  • Filtering through big sites content to get topic ideas. MAJOR KEY!
  • Dan shares advanced keyword research when creating new content opportunities (download deck below).

Extras Mentioned on the Interview

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