MM33: Damon Brown on Becoming a Bite-Sized Entrepreneur

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Damon Brown believes technology can bring us closer together and, after talking with him, you probably will, too.

Damon’s recently acquired Apple Top 10 app Cuddlr (now known as Spoonr) a location-based social-meeting app just for cuddling landed him on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and kickstarted the platonic connection industry.damon brown,, author, journalist

Damon is also the author of 13 books including his highly acclaimed TED Book Our Virtual Shadow: Why We Are Obsessed with Documenting Our Lives Online” foreshadowed the modern analog living movement. He’s also been a speaker at TED, Al Jazeera America and other outlets. Damon shares entrepreneurial insights in his daily Inc. Magazine online column, Sane Success, and regularly contributes to Playboy, Entrepreneur and Slate.

Damon and I cover;

  • How he’s created so many side-hustles while remaining present with his family?
  • Why he and co-founders chose to bootstrap Cuddlr vs. working with a Venture capitalist
  • His passion for tech and intimacy
  • Key books he’s written as an author?
  • His books Bite Sized Entrepreneur and upcoming book , Productive Bite—Sized Entreprenuer.
  • What inspires him today and much more!
The Marketplace by Priest Willis, Sr MM33: Damon Brown on Becoming a Bite-Sized Entrepreneur
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