MM28: Growing and Going In Business & Life with Ian Fernando

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I had a chance to sit down with long time digital marketing veteran, Ian Fernando. I’ve been in the affiliate marketing space for almost 10yrs and Ian has been in it longer then me but we finally got a chance to meet face to face at Affiliate Summit East in NYC. We talked briefly about outsourcing and I thought he was a cool guy then.Ian Fernando, Affiliate Marketing

Ian was a college drop out at the age of 20, Ian has pulled himself out from a life of struggle. He talks about how he worked multiple jobs to help support him but also applied some hustle on the side. He mastered driving high volumes of traffic using mainly Google Adwords then progressed to his own digital products and today finds himself building with a team in the Philippines .

Ian and I discussed;

  • His start in affiliate marketing
  • How he’s evolved as an entrepreneur to a boss (managing a team in the Philippines)
  • The decision to talk openly about needing a financial planner.
  • How he’s involved in outsourcing and working in the Philippines
  • Battling back from depression and learning a lesson in humility
  • Current focus and much more!

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