MM52: Getting Started in Real Estate Investing and “House Hacking’ with Chad Carson

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Chad Carson who also goes by “Coach” proves that you that you don’t need a large down payment to get started in real estate. You can even learn “how to do one of the more important parts of the rental business on someone else’s dime” if you’re smart about it.

This episode is packed with actionable advice to help get you started with a side hustle in the real estate market, as well as some long-term options to set you on the path to building long-term wealth.

Chad and I discuss;

  • How to start making money in real estate now. Here’s a hint…you have to innovate and hustle.
  • Getting into real estate with bad credit or no credibility
  • How to use house hacking to earn rental income and live for free
  • How live-in flips can build your nest egg tax-free
  • How anyone can start master leasing
  • How to become a leasing agent
  • How to start “bird-dogging”for deals
  • and much more…

You can learn more about Chad and his real estate business at, where he writes about using real estate investing to retire early and do what matters.

Here are a few resources from Chad to help you along:


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