Four Tips to Find the Right Affiliates for Your Program

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Having someone sell for you is always a big help if you are busy running your business. They can expose you to a wider audience or boost your profit that you may never reach on your own. But choosing the wrong partners can also mean bankruptcy if you are not wise and careful.

For your affiliate program to be successful, you should first find the perfect affiliates to sell for you. What follows are tips for choosing the right partners.

1) Verify Web Site Trafficpartnership

The first and crucial step is to validate the volume of web site traffic the affiliate receives. Choose only those with increased traffic flow. You can use free tools such as to confirm an affiliate’s site traffic.

Another way to check site traffic is through link tracking. Give your potential partners a unique link and let them place it on their site. Track the results using link tracking software and services.

2) Identify Visitor Profile

Identify the users that regularly visit their web site. This procedure will guarantee that an affiliate is a good match for your products and services. Ask your potential partners for visitor and customer demographics. Keep an eye on the web site bounce rates as well. There may be traffic on the site but it will be nonsense if it does not convert to sales.

3) Check Content Quality

To ensure the content quality of your potential partners, assess the volume of content, the structure, and relationship of keywords within. Select and review the web contents to learn how visitors and spam filters react. Check for readability, keyword density, and spam filter keyword detection.

4) Test Web Site Performance and Quality

Slow loading and poorly designed sites will not likely generate clicks…or ones you want. Be sure to check their site status, load time, domain level, and web site review.

In a virtual industry such as affiliate marketing, anyone can be a player. Thus, screening of every applicant is essential. For busy owners, though, this task is tedious. You do not need to worry because you can trust someone in the industry to screen perfect affiliates for you

Affiliate Mission is an agency that offers affiliate program management for various businesses. Recruitment and relationship management is just one simple way we can help.

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