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Data Feed 101: Data Feed Tips

Several advertisers offer and update  data feeds on a regular basis regardless of time of year. In order to be the best affiliate you can be, it’s important to utilize and optimize these data feeds to make your site as useful as possible and therefore increase the likelihood that your traffic will convert.

1. Edit, Edit, Edit

When pulling a merchant’s feed, you’ll download the merchant’s description. This means that from the beginning, your description and copy is identical to what everyone else has within the affiliate program. The easiest and most effective way to fix this is to rewrite each of the descriptions to the best of your ability. This is done in the HTML if it’s static or in your own database if you’re able to update the cells. Tools like PopShops will even allow you to make tweaks. This makes the content (anchor links, meta descriptions, etc…) that you feature on your own page completely and wholly unique to you.

Add relevant detail. If you are selling beauty products and the data feed tells you about the colors they’re available in, try to include that information along with something that speaks to those items within your description.

2. Download Your Images and Give Them Names, too.

Some advertisers provide you with images for all of the products in our data feeds. However, the images provided may have different URLs names to where the image lives on their servers. If you can, consider downloading these images and give them relevant names.

Utilize both the ALT and TITLE tags when naming the images. Proper use of both of these tags can make a world of difference in SEO, and that difference can mean more $ for you. Furthermore, Use consistent naming conventions.

3. Customize. Decide what YOU need for YOUR niche.

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