Are Affiliate Marketing Services Reliable?

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“Is affiliate marketing a scam?”

This was my question when I first heard about affiliate marketing a year ago. At that time, I was in the online business for over two years and was naïve about digital marketing. I was struggling with my small business, with only a few people buying my products. I only have my web site to promote my business online and my friends to share my page’s URL through their social media accounts.

Then, I read this affiliate marketing company from the blog of one of my former colleagues. He told me about how it works and how it can help promote my business.

Being the curious person that I am, I did what my past co-worker told me. I’ve signed up to see if the trick can really increase my products’ sales. Now, I’m so glad I listened to him.

First, let’s set the record straight. Based on my experience, not all affiliate marketing service companies are trustworthy, but most of them are. I have tried several programs and failed but I did not give up easily. After many times of trying and following expert advices, I finally got the technique on how to succeed.

If you’re into business and want to generate leads and increase your sales, I suggest you get the service of an affiliate network. Trust only credible firms and avoid those that do any of the following:

  • Use spamming techniques to promote products
  • Use typo variation of the merchant’s domain
  • Run fake clicks or referrals
  • Force affiliates to do a specific action
  • Carry out illegal transactions using stolen cards
  • Divert traffic and use parasite sites
  • Copy legit affiliate’s sites and content

Meanwhile, if you are to get your own affiliates, make sure you get the right people by using some of the most common screening techniques that I’ve tried:

  • Check if the affiliate has an active web site.
  • Assess if the site’s content relates to what you’re selling.
  • Know if the affiliate has optimized his site accordingly for the above-mentioned content.
  • Communicate with the affiliate regularly.

It helps, too, if you are familiar with the people you are you dealing with. Make sure you double check their backgrounds and work only with those who you can trust.

So, are affiliate marketing services reliable? Yes, they are! They can boost your sales and generate good leads to your site. Seek for experts’ advice and let them guide you. Know how to spot scammers and be careful in choosing your affiliates.

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