Affiliate Program Management and Seven Steps to Set It Up

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If you are doing business online, you need to execute effective marketing techniques to advertise your product or service well. You have to connect with your target market and make your brand known to your potential customers.

Doing this, however, isn’t easy. Besides the need to hire expert digital marketers, you need to pay huge sums of money, too, for a highly optimized web site.

Are you on a tight budget? With affiliate marketing, you can get people to promote your stuff without paying them right away. Hire hundreds of affiliate and pay them only after they help you sell your products or service.

Do you want to try it? Here’s how to set up an affiliate program for your business.

  1. Put it on the site. Prepare all the required documents, service agreement, and forms. List the application instructions and post them on your web site.
  2. Spread the news. Recruit people. Join affiliate networks or forums or run a PPC campaign to find (and screen) the best site owners and top affiliates.
  3. Start the deal. Make an offer. Discuss your program and its specifics (including commissions, conversion rate, current traffic, etc.). Contact them directly and invite them to join your program.
  4. Inform affiliates. Give out a newsletter and update your affiliates of your top performers, case studies, tips, promos, and new products.
  5. Entice partners. Keep your affiliates motivated in selling your stuff. Throw a contest, launch a promo, or give freebies.
  6. Connect with your partners. Keep a good working relationship by making yourself available. Write them an e-mail or send updates if necessary.
  7. Manage and monitor the progress. Use a specialized tool or software and automate the vast majority of your program’s functions. This will help you track progress, pay your affiliates, and define clicks, leads, and conversions.

Sure, it is easy to setup an affiliate program, but it takes a lot of patience and hard work to make it successful. Not only do you have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of affiliates; you need to make sure they’re reliable and are able to promote your services well, too. Thus, it is important that you master affiliate marketing first before you take the plunge and get your program running.

Manage Your Scheme

Do you not have enough time to set up or manage an affiliate program? Then, seek help from an expert affiliate program manager.

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