Affiliate Program Management: A Look into the Different Platforms

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Most online business owners recognize the weight of managing affiliate programs. While they are aware that these programs can help ramp up their sales and get new clients, they are also conscious of the downsides if they fail to manage them properly.

Are you eyeing for the best marketing strategy for your business? Check out these three types of affiliate marketing programs.

In-House Hosting
In-house affiliate program allows you to use software to manage your own affiliates. You can create your own contracts and rules and, likewise, oversee the quality of your ads. As you do not need to have a large team to manage your program, you can cut and save on your budget. You can pay your affiliates higher commissions and avoid middle-management tier fee.

Though in-house hosting appears budget-friendly, it often demands a lot of time and effort. Besides the need to learn the software yourself, you have to hire and screen your own affiliates, too. Moreover, you have to track the sales, prepare the links, and take care of your affiliates’ concerns and technical problems.

Affiliate Networks
Affiliate networks have various approaches to promote your products or services. They have a large number of affiliate marketers who can help you boost your brand and expand your client base. What’s more, they have the experience to do it in different ways and in various channels.

Affiliate networks are a cost-effective program since it will only take a part of your revenue.

Third-Party Hosting
Third party providers are the most turned to resort when it comes to affiliate programs. They have the tools and skills to support you and your affiliates. They track referrals, collect payment details, and provide technical support. As a merchant, you will decide the fee and terms for your affiliates.

In most cases, third-party services have programs offered by affiliate networks. They connect with experts from various niches. You can choose affiliates suitable to your product or service.

Most businesses engage in affiliate program management without fully understanding it. In their intense desire to drive more sales and earn more profits, they face malpractice, branding liability, and misused resources. So study first the program before you launch it. Remember that having the right program sets off a great campaign.

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