Affiliate Mission’s Program with Florence EIseman

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Affiliate Mission is proud to announce the launch of Florence Eiseman’s Affiliate Program!

Florence Eiseman, an exclusive front runner of “simply chic” children’s apparel, has recently launched an affiliate program via Affiliate Mission.  In brief, Affiliate Mission, rapidly ascends the ladder as a leading North Carolina based affiliate management p empire.

In 1945, Florence Eisenman came into fruition as a hobby which later morphed into a manifested business comprised of handmade ensembles. “Clean lines” and sensible detail both synchronize to yield simple elegance.  Despite today’s era of accelerated growth, development and fashion, Florence Eiseman strives to preserve the sanctity our youth via style.  Florence asserts that, “Children should look like children. You should see the child first, and not the clothes.”

Florence Eiseman is offering 10% commission, 30-day cookie and dedicated affiliate team to support you. Join the program today!

Affiliate Mission, a client-centered business entity, dedicated to promoting social responsibility and charity among an array of other specialties.  Nevertheless, Affiliate Mission is unquestionably privileged to have joined forces with Florence Eiseman.

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