Affiliate Marketing: What Type Of Publisher Is Best For You?

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Affiliate Manager Lists 5 Common Types of Publisher

Image result for 5 Types of PublisherAre you a merchant looking for affiliates, affiliate management agency or publishers to market your product or service? What are your requirements and how do you choose them?

Though it is easy to find affiliates these days with the Internet’s help, it is still wise to pick the best partners that can help you tap more potential customers and promote your business legally. Not all affiliates can market your product in the same way as the others, too, so it helps if you assess each type and figure out those who can help you reach your business goal. Below are the five most common types of publisher:

  1. PPC Partners- These are the ones who can spend their own bucks in driving traffic to your site via a pay per click (PPC) engine. Though they can be a wise choice as partners, their strategies can also be subject to abuse due to the increase of bot traffic or incentivized human traffic. Thus, make sure you screen your affiliates well, design a system that can block unlawful PPC practices, and work only with legitimate affiliates who can drive quality traffic to your site.
  2. Social Media Partners- These partners are very flexible and adept in using various online networking platforms. They know the right strategies to use, in particular, how to create social media accounts and provide ‘likes,’ ‘tweets,’ ‘retweets,’ ‘good reviews,’ and ‘video content’ among others.
  3. Coupon-focused Partners- They attract buyers with great deals—vouchers and discount coupons. They may post an ad or send e-mails to target clients, often savvy online buyers.
  4. Content-based Partner Sites- Blogs are the best example of this type. As we all know it, bloggers have a fair share in generating traffic as they can create targeted contents. Blogs that talk about your product (using a good set of keywords) will surely drive traffic to your site.
  5. Shopping Comparison Sites- Just like a huge one-stop shopping mall, these types of affiliate collect various types of products and put them on a single web site. They make use of marketer data feeds in posting the items. They display results based on user’s search and link each item directly to its respective merchant’s web site.

Are you new to affiliate marketing? Are you still yet to grasp the best practices that can help you reach business success? Do not just rely on gut feelings and fickle trial-and-error marketing practices. Seek help from an experienced affiliate management agency.

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