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MM71: Miko Branch on Miss Jessie’s, Her Empire State of Mind and Beyond (Replay)

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Miko Branch, co-founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s, started the company in the early 2000’s alongside her late sister, Titi Branch.

Miko and Titi Branch didn’t have to go far to get their business chops. Their father and Miss Jessie, their paternal grandmother who the business was named after, gave themMiko Branch, Miss Jessie's the push they needed to forge the road ahead. Miko, a 70’s, hip-hop baby like myself and the environment that holds in NYC, help to visualize, shape and launch their entrepreneurial spirit in addition to their family.

At one point, Miko says she wanted to go into fashion, but decided to go another route. On the day that she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she enrolled in beauty school. This is where we pick up her story.

Miko and I discuss;


MM70: Building Beyond Your 9-5 with Side Hustler Nick Loper (Replay)

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Nick is an entrepreneur, author with several books on Amazon and lead Hustler at, a growing community and resource for aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs.

Nick worked full-time for a giant corporation, but spent his nights and weekends working on a comparison shopping website which eventually led him to stitching together other side projects ultimately launching out on his own and finding success.

Nick starting getting more questions on how he created his side businesses and that’s where Side Hustle Nation was born. Side Hustle Nation is a growing community of aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs, where he also hosts the top-rated Side Hustle Show podcastNick Loper YouTube

Nick and I discuss;

  • Why it was important to start his own business
  • How he made the transition from his side hustle to doing it full-time
  • What are some top niches others could look at starting now
  • Sites and apps to use to help you be a more effective side hustler
  • And much more!…

MM69: Tyler Merrick on Making Sweet Deals, Building a Unique Snack Business and More!

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Tyler Merrick, founder and CEO of Project 7 started 10yrs ago after learning about social entrepreneurship through a friend. He soon discovered, however, that social entrepreneurship works only when people want to buy the product you’re selling. A

fter restart of the brand and  reformulated products, Project 7’s sales now exceed $10 million, and its gums and gummy bears are distributed at Target, Meijer, SuperValu, Starbucks and elsewhere. The company donatetyler merrick project 7s a minimum of 10% of its profits to seven areas of focus, including tree-planting, clean water and anti-bullying program.

  • Merrick talks about his pet care venture he worked in over 10yrs
  • Being a For Profit supporting non-profits
  • Why having good product should be the focus vs. the social mission
  • The seven areas of need across the globe that Project 7 helps fund
  • How he penetrated the gum and candy business
  • Failing in business
  • How others can create sustainable goods and create a business/products that they can have an impact on social good?
  • and much more!


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MM68: Employee to Entrepreneur with Luisa Zhou

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Luisa Zhou is a serial entrepreneur and online educator who teaches people how to leave their day job and start their own six-figure plus business working for themselves. She’s helped hundreds of students, including health and business coaches, designers, copywriters, and consultants, and shown them how to launch businesses that generate anywhere from 10K to 100K in a matter of months. She has appeared in numerous online and print publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Success magazine, and more.Luisa Zhou YouTube

In this episode , Luisa tells us how (and why) she generated $106k in sales in four months in business — while maintaining a full-time job that was 50+ hours a week. We also learn about Luisa; How she launched her coaching program? Does the fact that coaching is so huge (billion dollar industry) but unregulated cause concern and her approach and much more!


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