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MM63: Using YouTube to Inspire Individuals and Businesses to Create Awesome Brands with Roberto Blake

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The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul ~ Dieter Uchtdorf

That fully embodies Roberto Blake.”Create something awesome today.” Roberto Blake is the CEO and Creative Director of Create Awesome Media, LLC., where he develops and produces digital content and online media properties. Currently he is the host of a popular Creative Education Channel on YouTube, “Always Be Creating”. Roberto also host and co-produces the “Create Something Awesome Today Podcast

Roberto Blake uses this tagline at the beginning of every video he creates, edits, and uploads on YouTube. He has a real passion for creative entrepreneurship and empowering others, and the community he’s built around his creative philosophy is a reflection of his commitment to his following.roberto blake youtube awesome

This is one of the longer podcasts that I’ve recorded (1hr 10min) but it’s well worth listening to someone with the discipline to put out finely crafted, unique content and frankly speaking directly to the heart of an entrepreneur.

Roberto and I discuss;

  • How Roberto got his start in design and focus on being a “creative”
  • How others can start in YouTube today and why it’s not saturated?
  • What’s the future YouTube
  • The next social media “thing” people and businesses should turn their attention to
  • Tips for a budding vlogger to develop a strong relationship with followers?
  • How to engage with followers in all three (Twitter / Instagram / YouTube) channels and platform he uses the most?
  • The YouTubers and Bloggers that inspired him when he started and today
  • and much more!


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MM62: Adam Klein on American Underground and Changing the Face of Startup Hubs (Replay)

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The Affiliate Mission team spent over a year in American Underground, a startup (co-working) hub in Raleigh-Durham and our experience was awesome and one I would recommend to any new business looking to connect and build with other entrepreneurs.

American Underground is setting trends to become the most diverse startup hub around and that effort is led by Chief Strategist and all around good guy, Adam Klein. Adam Klein of American UndergroundCompanies like Google has seen something special in this hub and sponsored them in their efforts. CNBC even visited AU late last year to cover how it’s sparking a business revival in what once known as ‘Black Wall Street.

Adam and I sat down and discussed;

  • Why co-working space is important for a startup business
  • What Silicon Valley is missing with diversity in the startup community
  • How to get involved with a local incubator
  • Business resurgence in NC
  • And more….

Useful links:

American Underground
Is a Different Kind of Silicon Valley Possible? By The Atlantic


MM61: The Thin Green Line Between Being Rich and Wealthy with Paul Sullivan

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What can the super wealthy teach us about having a secure financial future?

The Thin Green Line: The Money Secrets of the Super Wealthy by Paul Sullivan. “Wealth Matters” columnist for The New York Times reveals the decisions, behaviors, and worldviews that lead to true wealth. For the better part of the past decade, Paul has written about and lived among some of the wealthiest people in America. He has learned how they save, spend, and invest their money; how they work and rest; how they use their wealth to give their children educational advantages, but not strip them of motivation. He has also seen how they make horrendous mistakes.Paul Sullivan, Author, Thin Green Line

Firsthand, Paul knows why some people, even “rich” people, never find true wealth, and why other people, even those who have far less, are far better off financially. His book shows how others can make better financial decisions—and come to terms with what money means to them. It lays out how to avoid the pitfalls around saving, spending, and giving money away and think differently about wealth to lead a more secure and less stressful life. An essential complement to all of the financial advice available, this “timely…smart” (Publishers Weekly) guide is a welcome antidote to the idea that wealth is a number on a bank statement.

Paul and I discuss;

  • The thin green and the distinction between being rich and wealthy
  • Why it was important for readers to understand the difference?
  • The meeting he talks about in the beginning of his book with Tiger 21 members.
  • How the wealthy use debt strategically
  • The misconception on how the wealthy view taxes
  • The wealthy’s spending philosophy
  • How the wealthy teach financial literacy to their kids
  • and much more!


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Paul brought up teaching his young children how to save by using the Money Savvy Piggy Bank. Get yours here TODAY.

Business Insider article on money secrets of the wealthy

MM60: Nice Guy Climbing up the Amazon Book Charts with Author Doug Sandler (Replay)

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Doug Sandler, top ranked Amazon author of Nice Guys Finish First, and co-host of the Nice Guys on Business podcast. Doug launched his Nice Guys Finish First concept in a world where too many companies think of their customers as just a number.

He is passionate about his message and when you see him speak it is easy to see why Nice Guys Finish First. Since 1984 Doug has been entertaining group sizes from 10 to 10,000. As Doug started his career in the DJ business he always kept an eye on the importance of exceptional customer service. It really wasn’t until a career changing performance in 1992 that Doug truly understood the importance of exceeding customer service expectations. Since then, Doug has performed in front of nearly half a million people and has won awards and recognition all over the country for his amazing ability to keep a crowd engaged. His programs involve a combination of audience interaction, 100% participation and unique style.

We covered;

  • How we should have genuine relationships in such a technology connected doug sandler nice guys podcastworld?
  • How we should inspire clients and not sell to them?
  • Choosing not to be a part of a dog eat dog world
  • How Zappos is getting it right
  • And more…!

To learn more about Doug, check out his site at and on Twitter @DJDoug.

MM59: An Inspiring Journey into Giving Back and Helping Kids with Estella Pyfrom and The Brilliant Bus (Replay)

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The saying is “It takes a village to raise a child” and you add one inspiring woman and a bus and your create a legacy. You might be familiar with Estella Pyfrom because she was recognized last year as a CNN Hero, featured on Oprah behind her Brilliant Bus initiative, which really is quite brilliant.estella technology bus

Ms.Pyfrom, is not new to this. She’s a graduate of Florida A&M and a retired teacher from Florida’s Palm Beach County School District. She  didn’t have any training in tech but she realized students in her district had seen a digital divide and she wanted to make a difference for them….and so the journey begins.

We discuss;

  • Her Personal Journey
  • How the Brilliant Bus Started
  • Her passion for education
  • Her personal thoughts on the “digital divide”
  • What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your entrepreneurial journey?
  • How you can help
  • And much more…
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