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MM58: Building Brand Engagement Through Influencer Marketing with Ambrose Cooke

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I had a great conversation with Ambrose Cooke who is the Co-founder of Fanbytes. Fanbytes helps brands to collaborate with influencers on Snapchat through their video ad network. It’s a new advertising offering for a new generation of online stars and personalities.

Ambrose and Co-founder Timothy Armoo are two online savvy friends who decided to put their set up their own business which has seen great growth. Backed by some of UK and US’s top investors and working with the biggest global brands have given this London established company a chance to lead this new model of advertising with brands such as Nickelodeon, GoPro, Adidas and more.snapchat engagement

Ambrose and his team have been featured in great articles by Huffington Post, Guardian, Forbes and more. If your business is looking for influencers or you want to know how to become one, this is the podcast for you.

Ambrose and I cover;

  • What is Fanbytes
  • Understanding that before going into influencer marketing, it’s imperative to understand what an influencer is.
  • Celebrities are at the top of the pyramid of influence while ambassadors are at the bottom. The middle is composed of social influencers and micro influencers.
  • You have to match the kind of brands influencers would realistically use. You have to have the right brand and influencer work together.
  • Influencers have an authentic meaningful relationship with followers because of the content they create.
  • A huge following doesn’t necessarily mean an influencer is good for your brand.
  • Ambrose thoughts around building a business and team
  • And much more!!…oh yeah and fidget spinners 🙂


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How to create your own life | Ambrose Cooke | TEDxKingsCollegeLondon

MM57: Starting Over with a Startup: From Pop Star Video Director to Entrepreneur with Sequoia Blodgett (Replay)

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For nine years, Sequoia Blodgett worked in the entertainment industry as a commercial and video director for many mainstream pop artists.

After being hospitalized, she began to ask herself would she be happy with all she had sequoia blodgett black enterpriseaccomplished if it all should end then. Sequoia began her road to entrepreneurism and so began her journey into Draper U, her  website, 7AM and ultimately her appearance on ABC Family’s ‘Startup U’.

We discuss;

  • Her transformation from video director to entrepreneur
  • Her experience at Draper University and with ABC’s ‘Startup U’
  • Her website 7AM, a marketplace for personal development
  • Best practices in getting your business backed by a venture capitalist. Including what she’s learned from her investor, Tim Draper.
  • Advantages of living in the Bay Area for Tech entrepreneurs
  • And much more…

Early in 2017 (this year) Black Enterprise announced their new podcast, BE The Code which features all things tech and picked Sequoia Blodgett, Black Enterprise’s tech editor in Silicon Valley to host.

MM56: Manage Your Damn Money! Relatable Conversations Around Money with Ben Carter (Replay)

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Ben Carter, CEO of Manage Your Damn Money, a blog and web series inspired to create fun and have more relatable conversations around money. Ben is also the newly minted author of the book ‘Fictitious Financial Fairytale: A Completely Untrue Story About money management with Ben carterMoney, Friends & Moscow Mules’ which is currently being sold on amazon.

Ben was a fun guest and he answered questions;

  • Is skipping your latte in the morning really necessary while saving?
  • Thoughts on Suze Orman being cool. Here’s a hint…only a little.
  • What amount of debt (if any) is good to carry.
  • How to start saving…even without a job or if you think you don’t have it with a job.
  • Financial books he reads

MM55: Why Nations Fail: Tackling Global Poverty and Creating Economic Wealth with Daron Acemoğlu (Replay)

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Entrepreneurs are vital in today’s economic climate and the driving engine behind prosperity. Understanding how to make a difference beyond their business is even more pertinent to the sustainability of their business and growth of industry. They all go hand and hand. This is why Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to read this book. Daron Acemoglu, MIT Professor and author of ‘Why Nations Fail’ talks with Priest about the daron-nations-failideas in his book: why some nations fail and others succeed, why some nations grow over time and sustain that growth, while others grow and then stagnate.

We discuss;

  • Why Inclusive economic institutions are important
  • What are we missing to make a greater impact on global poverty?
  • Does where a country is located almost pre-determine the prosperity of a country?
  • Is our current economic climate helping or hurting the countries growth?
  • Thoughts on China’s economic growth and is it sustainable
  • And much more…

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