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MM50: A Talk on WordPress, Membership sites and more with Chris Lema

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Chris Lema has been building web applications since you could build them (1995). Over the last 12 years he’s used WordPress to build everything from blogs to websites to web applications for folks like his brother, his friends and companies like ABC. A regular blogger and public speaker, he is also the Vice President of Products for Liquid Web.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Chris at the WordCamp 2017 in Raleigh. I’m creating a membership site called Horizontal Money and couldn’t find a better person to speak to about setting that up then with Chris. chris lema, wordcamp raleigh

Chris and I discuss;

  • What’s the difference between a subscription site and membership site.
  • If I have you have an online store already. What are some things you should take into consideration.
  • Plugins that you would consider for wordpress and why?
  • One of the largest mistakes that he sees online store owners making with membership sites
  • Some of the coolest eCommerce sites that you’ve seen incorporate memberships
  • Best membership plugins
  • An interesting product that has been recently released in the space in general


Namecheap is a domain name registrar and web hosting company.

If you’re interested in Reppin ‘Horizontal Money’ (making money while you sleep), get the shirt! 

MM49: Cutting Edge Startups and Crowdfunding with Glowforge CEO Dan Shapiro (Replay)

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Dan Shapiro a serial entrepreneur is the CEO and cofounder of Glowforge, a startup that’s creating a 3D laser printer which is the biggest 30-day crowdfunded campaign ever!

Dan is also the creator of the highly popular board game Robot Turtles which launched on Kickstarter as the bestselling board game in Kickstarter’s history. Robot Turtles, a game that teaches programming fundamentals to preschoolers and even a little older (my kids love it!) can be purchased now from Target and Amazon.dan_shapiro

Dan is also the author of Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook. You can see a theme here. The guy is busy but he’s been very successful and willing to spend a little time to share some insights.

We discuss;

  • His different ventures, including the laser printer, game and book.
  • How startups are different today then from when he started back in 2005
  • Some advice for those looking to be funded in their business
  • Thoughts on leaving a full-time job for a start-up
  • And more….


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MM48: ‘Hooked’ Interview with Nir Eyal: How to Build Habit Forming Products (Replay)

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I had a fun and eye opening (or mind opening) discussion with Nir Eyal who blogged often about psychology and marketing which eventually brought him to the path of marrying the two and published a book called: Hooked – How to Build Habit-Forming Products. Nir Eysal, Hooked AuthorHooked is a guide with a very insightful and simple thought system to building habit-forming products. If you’re a marketer, designer, entrepreneur and more, this is for you.

We discuss;

  • What started his interest around the psychology around products.
  • The ‘Habit Zone’ that’s outlined in his book and the four habits in the thought system.
  • The key elements to consider when creating a product.
  • And much more…



Hooked Supplemental Workbook

MM47: Networking and Blogging For All: Conference Talk with Gina McCauley (Replay)

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I had the pleasure to sit down and speak with Gina McCauley who is one of the leading voices in this “new media” age. Known for being one of 2007 ESSENCE Most Influential African Americans (with (at the time Senator) Barack Obama and Tyler Perry). She is the publisher of the blog What About Our Daughters and the CEO and organizer of the Social Media, blogging conference , Blogging While Brown.

We Cover;blogging while brown gina mccauley

  • The Genesis of Blogging While Brown
  • Attendees and Speakers
  • The goal of the conference
  • Going beyond diversity in tech
  • And more







MM46: Jon Acuff on Punching Fear in The Face and Starting, Quitting and Doing it Over! (Replay)

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Jon Acuff is the New York Times Bestselling author of five books including his most recent, Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck.

For 18 years he’s helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and the Dave Ramsey Team. Most recently he’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at conferences, colleges, companies and churches. New York Times Best Seller Jon AcuffFeatured regularly on national media, Jon has been seen on CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA and several other key outlets.

  • Jon and I had a great discussion and I really enjoyed his transparency. We discuss;
  • His books Quitter, Start and Do Over!
  • Being afraid to succeed
  • How an entrepreneur can get over what I call “comparisonitis
  • Is there really such a thing as work/life balance?
  • And much more…!




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