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Affiliate Mission 101: The Rise Of Shopping Directories

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Affiliate Management Agency: Why Go for Shopping Directories?

Image result for Affiliate Management Agency Sheds Light on Shopping DirectoriesAre you searching for new affiliate marketing strategies to promote your business and further your presence online?

One of the many tactics that most merchants cash in on these days is a shopping portal or directory. Similar to “yellow pages”, this web site offers a one-stop shop for customers looking for various products or services to purchase online. While most shopping directories simply collect web sites and links and group them into categories, some also feature key products or introduce new items for clients to try.

If you are the merchant, would you list your products to any of these shopping portals? What will you consider when choosing the right affiliate program or publisher for your business?

Shopping Directory vs. Price Comparison Site

Unlike a “comparison shopping site,” a shopping portal does not contain features that help buyers filter and compare products based on various factors or criteria. Comparison sites combine data from merchants in order to come up with results that buyers can use as guide.

Amazon and eBay—two popular sites—are good examples of a shopping portal.

Steps to Get Listed

If you want to get your products listed on shopping directories, you have to read through the site’s content and follow their respective registration processes.

Joining Amazon, for instance, will require you to follow three steps to get started. First, you must decide on which items or stuff you want to sell. Then, you must choose a selling plan that’s right for your business. Finally, you need to get ready to set up your account. Registering has a certain cost, though, one way for this site to earn money from merchants like you.

Meanwhile, you can also choose between two types of shopping portal. You may opt for a site that lists many different products or go for the one that exclusively markets products from a certain industry.

Pros and Cons

Choosing to advertise via shopping portals is but a good move. Through it, you can reach a wide scope of potential buyers all over the world. Moreover, these directories can help increase your brand exposure and boost your sales. As they connect with a large number of affiliates and often enjoy high search engine rankings, you’re sure to gain from the countless benefits these sites give.

Though it is easy to partner with any shopping directory sites on the Web, you will need to be careful in choosing the right one for your business. You must be familiar with the sites that most of your target customers go to and those that will give you the best online exposure.

Do you need help setting up your business in top shopping directories or portals? Let an expert affiliate management agency assist you with your affiliate program needs! Visit for more details.

MM41: Fat To Fit Transformation with Solid Business Building

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Our guest is Robert “Brix” Glover, 🍕Ex-Fat Boy, 🎥YouTuber, owner and founder of Brix Fitness. Four years ago he made some critical changes that not only transformed his body, but his entire life and the lives of those he has trained…including myself.

Tipping the scale at 346 pounds with high blood pressure and being borderline diabetic didn’t persuade Robert to change his lifestyle. Neither did his inability to walk a flight of stairs without feeling faint. In his defense, he had ventured out on many weight-loss journeys before but first, second and third attempts failed. His addiction to unhealthy foods was always his downfall and he had become the ultimate yo-yo dieter.

It wasn’t until January 2013 when a close friend who was the same age as he, died of health problems associated with being severely overweight. And soon after, Robert made the decision to adopt a healthy lifestyle, forgoing all lose-weight-quick schemes. In his new love affair with perfect health, Robert was moved to create Brix Fitness, which relies on principals based on a realistic approach to health and fitness.

Meetup with @brixfitness in Raleigh. #inspired #health

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How To Know If Affiliate Marketing Is Right For You

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Affiliate Management Agency: Clues to Finding the Right Partners

Image result for clues to finding the right business partnerDoing business online brings a lot of good things and unexpected possibilities. This is true especially to those who can see their potentials and who are eager to succeed in their ventures.

Does “affiliate marketing” ring a bell? Well, this online scheme expands a business’ reach and offers countless rewards. It has been going around for quite some time yet many people still don’t know how this marketing scheme works.

Are you an existing online business owner who still wants to earn extra money as an affiliate marketer? You’d better think about your plans first. Do your research and learn expert tips before you join the current craze.

For Affiliates Only

There’s nothing wrong if you want to market other people’s services or sell their products—as long as it does not hurt your own business.

How will you know if affiliate marketing is right for the kind of business you own or operate? Go through the following hints:

  • You partner with a trusted brand. With almost any business offering an affiliate program, it is wise to team up with a company or person who has a good reputation. So make sure you market the ones you know and trust.
  • You do not market a business that is (or somewhat) similar with what you offer. This sounds awkward but it happens. If you are a blogger who earns a living out of freelance writing, you should not promote other writer’s services. This could hurt your main source of income. Further, this may lead people to think that you are not loyal about your profession. In this case, you may opt to recommend certain books displayed on Amazon.
  • You do not promote rivals or contrasting products at the same time. Does your site contain two or more banners depicting products from industry rivals or products from companies with entirely opposing philosophies? This isn’t a good idea and a clear violation of agreement. You don’t want this to happen, do you? So be careful and choose the right product to promote.

Doing business online exposes you to problems and frauds. Hence, it is wise if you think things through before you join any program. In the end, good choices can lead you to safe activities online.
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Choosing The Right Affiliate Network | Affiliate Mission

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Why Select Networks via Affiliate Management Service Agencies?

Image result for Affiliate Management Service Agencies?Though affiliate marketing helps businesses thrive, building it isn’t easy. To succeed in this venture, you need to develop the most effective strategies, create an affiliate program, or find the right networks.

Getting the right affiliate network, however, isn’t enough. As these networks only provide the software for tracking your affiliates’ activities and earnings, you still need someone who can guide and motivate them to sell more. You need the service of an expert affiliate manager who can do more than what typical networks perform.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Network?

Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between a publisher (affiliate) and a company (merchant). Through them, business owners can find people to promote their products or services and publishers can search and join various affiliate programs.

Though some affiliate networks offer account management services, basic affiliate networks only provide the tools the merchants or publishers need to perform affiliate marketing tasks. If you are a business owner, they cannot help you manage your affiliates or even try their best to boost your agency. They simply provide you with a tracking system that can let you check your earnings real time.

Hence, should you want to manage your affiliate program well and pick the right affiliates for your agency, you would need to hire an affiliate manager who can do these tasks for you.

How to Choose the Right Networks?

It’s not easy to find a network that’s right for your business. Remember that there are thousands of networks across the World Wide Web and an equal number of scams lurking around, too.

If you want to pick the best affiliate network out there, follow these steps:

  1. Research more about the network, especially its reputation. Exhaust all means to get to know your target networks well.
  2. See if what you offer matches their specialty. You need to find publishers who can relate to your services. Try to consult the affiliate department the number of affiliates who can help you market your product or service.
  3. Discover if your target networks support your payment structure.
  4. Find networks that have an updated site and offer the latest technology. These are a big help when tracking and reporting sales.
  5. Pick a network that can help you launch your offer quickly, especially if your business demands urgency.

Can’t find the right affiliate networks for your business? Let a trusted affiliate management service agency like Affiliate Mission find the perfect network for your agency. Visit now for the services you may get from them.

MM40: Talking About a Business that Sticks and The Vending Machine Business with Matt Miller

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Matt Miller, founder of, started this  journey out of desperation to support his family and with just one gumball machine, he quickly scaled to more machines and realized it was a business that could stick. Matt transformed this passive income business into a franchise designed to help schools raise funds they needed as an alternative to sme of the traditional ways, installing spirit merchandise vending machines that replaced the need for kid-powered door-to-door fundraising. People began to reach out to Matt on how they could repeat this in their own area.Matt Miller, School Spirit Vending

If you want to learn more about the vending businesses as a source of income…even as a side hustle, tune in to hear Matt’s story. He’ll share his tips on getting started as a franchise owner, partnering with schools, and how parents and kids can learn entrepreneurial skills as a family.

Matt and I cover;

  • The story of Matt’s first gumball machine and how he scaled to more.
  • Spirit School Vending: The business model and and changing how schools fundraise.
  • How the vending machine business can be disruptive and change with tech.
  • Investments, costs, margins associated with vending machine
  • How Matt sources inventory and stock machines.
  • Matt’s FREE gift to our listeners below.
  • And much more!

FREE Gift!

The Top 10 Mistakes of Affiliate Marketers

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Ten Biggest Mistakes Start-Up Affiliate Marketing Agencies Make

Image result for Ten Biggest Mistakes Start-UpUsing affiliate marketing techniques for your business sounds great. It saves you lots of money. Yet if you lack experience and training in it and are trying the techniques one after another, you may hurt your venture.

While marketing is a trial-and-error stuff, the Internet worsens the mistake even more. Commit one marketing error and your online presence suffers.

What to Avoid

Each merchant began as a novice and many failed the first time they used affiliate marketing. To protect you from repeating their errors, here are blunders you must avoid.

  • Selling to prospects instead of educating them – You hired partners to help you market your venture through their sites, so let them mind the selling. Your main task is to inform them of the benefits they can gain from the transaction.
  • Thinking that affiliate marketing is not an investment – This scheme may appear trivial but is so effective in reaching more customers. A good business investment is to pay your partners to form a client base.
  • Running too many programs – While having more programs means better sources of income, they may rarely be effective. Focus on one or a few campaigns than having several programs you cannot work on all together. The keys here are focus and attention.
  • Choosing the wrong program(s) – Not every campaign suits each business. With the wrong campaigns, you may have set unreachable goals. Thus, make a thorough assessment before using any program.
  • Linking with the wrong partners – When choosing an affiliate, do not consider online reputation and the traffic it can bring to your web site. Likewise, do not accept applicants at once. Consider their industry and relevance to your products/services. Failure to do this may expose your venture to the wrong groups that are not potential customers.
  • Taking search engine optimization (SEO) for granted –  Online marketing requires search engine friendly tools such as keywords. Whatever is your campaign, use relevant words and phrases because they can connect you to your target consumers.
  • Joining many networks – The success of every campaign relies on how your partners market your business. Their strategies are the ones that work, and not others.
  • Fearing to take a different niche – Never choose the most famous market. Focus on something that offers plenty of room to serve those who received less attention or overlooked by others.
  • Being impatient with the results – It takes time to see your progress in affiliate marketing. Remember, online success does not happen overnight.
  • Failing to track progress – How will you know how far have you gone if you are not monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns?

To avoid these mistakes, seek the services of an experienced and reliable affiliate manager and achieve both online and business success. Find the best affiliate marketing company for your selling needs.

Earn Money as Easy as 1-2-3

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Four Ways to Earn Money Online through Affiliate Marketing

Image result for Four Ways to Earn Money Online through Affiliate MarketingThey say the easiest method to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. But have you ever wondered how publishers or affiliates make money from this?

If you want to become an affiliate, make sure you know how affiliate marketing works. Here are the four most common types of payment methods used today by merchants, publishers, and affiliate managers:

  1. Pay per Click (PPC)

This is perhaps the most famous and the easiest way affiliates with small web sites earn money online. With PPC, the merchant pays its affiliate for every click that a visitor makes on his/her page’s or web site’s ad. Fees for PPC programs are usually small and don’t exceed a dollar for each click.

  1. Pay per Lead (PPL)

Insurance, finance, and other firms often use this method to get more customer leads. The merchant pays its affiliate only when the referred visitor signs up or fills up a form from the merchant’s web site. Fees for PPL programs range from $2 to $20 or more.

  1. Pay per Sale (PPS)

This method is probably the most lucrative way to earn money among other payment schemes. However, it is also highly competitive and time consuming. With PPS, the merchant pays its affiliate every time a visitor clicks on the affiliate link and buys something from the merchant’s web site. They pay their affiliates monthly and on a commission basis.

  1. Pay per Impression (PPI)

This method is often called cost-per-mille (CPM) or cost per thousand impressions. PPI generates revenue based on the number of times people view the ads. The pay for this method tends to be low and often requires large amounts of traffic to gain a generous income.

Which Is Best for You?

To choose the right payment method, you will need to consider the type of content you have and the amount of time you can put into your online marketing efforts. If you have less time to put into marketing and more time into content creation, PPC or PPI ads can be an ideal choice. But if you want to focus on the marketing side rather than the content, PPL or PPS can be a great option.

Need a more sound and expert advice? Turn to AffiliateMission, an agency that offers affiliate marketing and management services. Aside from recruitment and relationship management, we can also assess your business and suggest the affiliate program that suits your needs best.

For further details about our services, you can call us at (888) 876-1702 or send us an e-mail at

MM39: Listening To Her Body and Building a Successful 6-figure Side Hustle with Nagina Abdullah

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I first read Nagina’s story in a Business Insider post called ‘How I built a 6-figure business while working full-time and raising a family’. Her story caught my attention because there’s a large population of us that want to “hack” our full-time jobs.

Nagina turned her weight loss blog,, into a 6-figure side business. By day, she works for a large consulting company, and with a busy work nagina abdullahschedule, a young family, and limited time to work on her side hustle, Nagina has been very smart about she spends her time and making sure she gets the best results in her efforts.

Nagina and I cover….

  • Being burned out in business, realizing she needed to make a change and what she did.
  • How she finds time to continue working a full-time and run a successful side hustle.
  • How she started a blog to share recipes and how it evolved into offering more.
  • The tools she uses to run her business and finding outsource help.
  • How to get three of her favorite sugar craving busting recipes for yourself. (FREE gift below)
  • and much more!

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From Burnout to Double the Income, 40 lbs. Lighter and More Energy Than Ever


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