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MM38: From Wall Street To Starting A Candle Business That Lights Up The World!

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Sterling is an entrepreneur focused on social good and design.

Prior to launching The Starling Project and Sterling McDavid LLC, Sterling worked at the architecture firm Projectiles in Paris. Prior to Projectiles, Sterling was a financial analyst in the Securities Division at Goldman Sachs in New York.

Sterling decided to quit her job in Wall Street to bring solar energy to underprivileged countries around the globe through her newly found business The Starling Project. The Starling Project is a charitable company that sells homeSterling McDavid candles in order to provide solar energy to under-resourced communities.

The Starling Project donated $100,000 to UNICEF a year ago to provide solar energy to people in Chad, Africa. The Starling Project candles not only bring the positive difference to the world but it also supports the U.S economy by providing more jobs for their company partners and suppliers.

Sterling and I discuss;

  • The transition from Wall Street and starting her own business.
  • How she started the Starling Project while working full-time.
  • About the Starling Project
  • Her focus on solar energy
  • How she markets her candle business online
  • Her partnership with UNICEF
  • Can you profitable in a social good business?
  • And much more!

Forbes articleThis 27-Year-Old Founder Quit Wall Street To Bring Solar Power To The World

Start Something That Matters (book) by Blake Mycoskie (affiliate link)

Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing? | Affiliate Marketing Tips

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Four Ways to Earn Money Online through Affiliate Marketing

Image result for Four Ways to Earn Money Online through Affiliate MarketingThey say the easiest method to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. But have you ever wondered how publishers or affiliates make money from this?

If you want to become an affiliate, make sure you know how affiliate marketing works. Here are the four most common types of payment methods used today by merchants, publishers, and affiliate managers:

  1. Pay per Click (PPC) This is perhaps the most famous and the easiest way affiliates with small web sites earn money online. With PPC, the merchant pays its affiliate for every click that a visitor makes on his/her page’s or web site’s ad. Fees for PPC programs are usually small and don’t exceed a dollar for each click.
  2. Pay per Lead (PPL) Insurance, finance, and other firms often use this method to get more customer leads. The merchant pays its affiliate only when the referred visitor signs up or fills up a form from the merchant’s web site. Fees for PPL programs range from $2 to $20 or more.
  3. Pay per Sale (PPS) This method is probably the most lucrative way to earn money among other payment schemes. However, it is also highly competitive and time consuming. With PPS, the merchant pays its affiliate every time a visitor clicks on the affiliate link and buys something from the merchant’s web site. They pay their affiliates monthly and on a commission basis.
  4. Pay per Impression (PPI) This method is often called cost-per-mille (CPM) or cost per thousand impressions. PPI generates revenue based on the number of times people view the ads. The pay for this method tends to be low and often requires large amounts of traffic to gain a generous income.

Which Is Best for You?

To choose the right payment method, you will need to consider the type of content you have and the amount of time you can put into your online marketing efforts. If you have less time to put into marketing and more time into content creation, PPC or PPI ads can be an ideal choice. But if you want to focus on the marketing side rather than the content, PPL or PPS can be a great option.

Need a more sound and expert advice? Turn to AffiliateMission, an agency that offers affiliate marketing and management services. Aside from recruitment and relationship management, we can also assess your business and suggest the affiliate program that suits your needs best.

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5 Best Price Comparison Shopping Websites

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Comparison Shopping Sites and the Use of Affiliate Marketing

Image result for Comparison Shopping Sites blogsDo you own a comparison shopping web site or are you still planning to build one? Know what these sites are and how you can capitalize on your profit and decrease your expenses with the help of an affiliate marketing service.

What Are Comparison Shopping Sites?

Comparison shopping sites, a.k.a. shopbots or comparison shopping agents, are web sites that shoppers use to filter and compare products. They display the price of almost any product from various online retailers, making it easy for buyers to see which stores offer the best prices.

Shopbots compare products and services using distinct features such as price, quality, payment means, and name of retailer. Shoppers can browse the site’s database of products, each of which links back to the retailer’s web site for the deal to happen.

Here are the top comparison shopping sites:

1) Shopzilla

Shopzilla offers commonly used searches right on the front page, next to the hottest sellers. You can filter the results, too, by price, cost of shopping, and brand.

2) compiles items from hundreds of Goodwill stores from around the world. You can find a handful of serious bargains here.

3) Google Shopping

Google Shopping links you to thousands of products with its vast database. You can sort this overload of results by price, brand, category, store, and related searches you can find on the left side of the page.

4) PriceGrabber

PriceGrabber offers a wide range of products, from appliances to video games. They feature seasonal gift guides, how-to videos, and a “deal of the day.”

5) CarsDirect

CarsDirect compares prices of any car make and model. Enter the name, specifications, and your zip code to find the perfect place to buy your dream car.

How Affiliate Marketing Services Help

Collecting data directly from the merchants and affiliate networks is possible but doing so is a tedious procedure. You must collect the product data from various merchants and find affiliate networks for the right system solution. You will need plenty of time, effort, and skills to manage, check, and keep your affiliate program and the progress of your site. With these, we can help you.

We offer both affiliate marketing and management services to make your tasks easier. With our roster of partner merchants and affiliate networks, we will take care of the hard work for you. We can manage both your merchants and networks and give you real-time custom reports. For further details on our services, contact us at (888) 876-1702 or send us an e-mail at

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