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MM11: Why Nations Fail: Tackling Global Poverty and Creating Economic Wealth with Daron Acemoğlu

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Entrepreneurs are vital in today’s economic climate and the driving engine behind prosperity. Understanding how to make a difference beyond their business is even more pertinent to the sustainability of their business and growth of industry. They all go hand and hand. This is why Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to read this book. Daron Acemoglu, MIT Professor and author of ‘Why Nations Fail’ talks with Priest about the Author Daron Acemoglu, Why Nations Failideas in his book: why some nations fail and others succeed, why some nations grow over time and sustain that growth, while others grow and then stagnate.

We discuss;

  • Why Inclusive economic institutions are important
  • What are we missing to make a greater impact on global poverty?
  • Does where a country is located almost pre-determine the prosperity of a country?
  • Is our current economic climate helping or hurting the countries growth?
  • Thoughts on China’s economic growth and is it sustainable
  • And much more…

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MM10: Starting Over with a Startup: From Pop Star Video Director to Entrepreneur with Sequoia Blodgett

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For nine years, Sequoia Blodgett worked in the entertainment industry as a commercial and video director for many mainstream pop artists.

After being hospitalized, she began to ask herself would she be happy with all she had Sequoia Blodgett with ABC Startup U and Draper Universityaccomplished if it all should end then. Sequoia began her road to entrepreneurism and so began her journey into Draper U, her  website, 7AM and ultimately her appearance on ABC Family’s ‘Startup U’.

We discuss;

  • Her transformation from video director to entrepreneur
  • Her experience at Draper University and with ABC’s ‘Startup U’
  • Her website 7AM, a marketplace for personal development
  • Best practices in getting your business backed by a venture capitalist. Including what she’s learned from her investor, Tim Draper.
  • Advantages of living in the Bay Area for Tech entrepreneurs
  • And much more…

MM9: Blogging without Borders: Travel and Blog Talk with Oneika The Traveller

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Oneika, a serial expat and travel junkie who has travelled to 70 countries on 6 continents. She has taught and traveled all over the world. Travel for her just isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.  She writes about all of her fun adventures at Oneika the Traveller and talks travel on the Huffington Post.Oneia the traveller and international teaching

We discussed;

  • Some of her favorite places of travel
  • The sites she uses to monitor flight deals (, and
  • The biggest lessons learned on her travels
  • How has race and or gender has affected her travels (spoliler: it hasn’t).
  • And more…

Most Profitable Niches and Programs for Affiliate Marketers

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If you own a web site with consistent traffic, sure you want to get the most out of your site activity. Perhaps you’re thinking about promoting someone’s product to earn commission, right? But wait. Don’t do it just yet. Try to find out first the most profitable affiliate niches before joining a program.

In choosing the right niche to promote, pick a market that is neither too small nor too big. Take your passion and interest into consideration, too, so you can promote a product or service the best way possible.

affiliate marketing niche

Promote niches that you can speak to and interests you personally.

Which industries can give you the most earnings? Below are some good options—markets that will remain profitable through time:

  • Hobbies and recreational activities

Consumers will always spend on stuffs close to their hearts. As their hobbies and sports are important aspects of their lives, they will never think twice on buying new tools and gears related to these things. So promote products consumers will be willing to buy regardless of price. Market items linked to their interests like traveling, scrapbooking, pets, music, and collectibles.

  • Health, wellness, beauty, and fitness

People are becoming health conscious these days. Both grown-ups and young adults today spend much money to maintain good health or improve their current health condition. What items should you promote? Try food supplements, anti-aging creams, whitening soaps, organic foods, energy drinks, and fitness tools and equipment.

  • Wealth and investment

Consumers do not just spend—most of them also think about saving money for their future. Thus, posting ads related to making and keeping money or real estate offers will surely work and will not be a waste of time.

Other profitable niches include:

  • Luxury goods
  • Rentals and accommodations
  • Gaming
  • Foods, kitchen, and cooking
  • Household supplies

Pieces of Advice

While picking the right niche is a good way to get started in affiliate marketing, consider, too, some other things. Make sure you evaluate the commission rate, program deals, and payment scheme.

Affiliate marketing is no easy money. While it works for most people, it does not mean it will easily go according to your plan as well. Thus, take some time to study the program and choose the right niche that you will also be confident selling. Get some advice and learn added tips from the experts.

Don’t know where to start with your affiliate marketing journey? Let our affiliate program management team help you find the best niche that will match your needs and interests! Visit for more details.

Is The Subscription Business Model Taking Over?

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According to Business Insider, Subscription services are taking over retail.  From the many subscription partners that we’ve worked with, we know that it’s a very profitable business but also offers some good value to customers and alternatives to “taste” products vs. what a brick and mortar store can offer. Read more here….

subscription addiction boxes

Want to launch your own subscription box business? Get the book from Amazon ‘Beginner’s Guide To Starting & Growing A Subscription Box Business

MM8: Manage Your Damn Money! Relatable Conversations Around Money with Ben Carter

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Ben Carter, CEO of Manage Your Damn Money, a blog and web series inspired to create fun and have more relatable conversations around money. Ben is also the newly minted author of the book ‘Fictitious Financial Fairytale: A Completely Untrue Story About Manage Your Damn Money with Ben CarterMoney, Friends & Moscow Mules’ which is currently being sold on amazon.

Ben was a fun guest and he answered questions;

  • Is skipping your latte in the morning really necessary while saving?
  • If Suze Orman is cool. Here’s a hint…only a little.
  • What amount of debt (if any) is good to carry.
  • How to start saving…even without a job or if you think you don’t have it with a job.
  • Financial books he reads
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