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MM3: Diversity in Tech and AT&T #InspiredMobility with Guest Jason Caston

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We get a chance to speak with, Jason CastonSpeaker, Author and Online Business Specialist. We discuss his series The iChurch Method that helps ministries/churches Jason Caston, ichurch method marketingadvance online His involvement with AT&T #InspiredMobility and diversity in tech today.


How To Attract New Customers

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Having a web site is not a guarantee of a profitable business. Apart from setting up the site and letting it run on its own, you must also optimize it to earn money.

There are many channels to choose from or run together at once. One that many consider is  an affiliate program (although, I argue that affiliate marketing is a media buying center vs a “channel but I digress) demands time and work. You need to build and keep good relationships with your target market. Thus, one great way to overcome stiff competition with well-thought strategies is to use engaging contents that will attract customers.affiliate_customers

You ought to fill your web site with content that sells. Effective write-ups can pull audiences to your site. You can do most of this with or without the assist of affiliate marketing.

  1. Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles can increase search engine rankings, making your site more searchable to Internet users. Make sure, though, you do not sell upfront and turn visitors away with obvious advertising. Thus, avoid including words that push users to buy the product or use the service. Instead, give them practical information, instructions, or advice they can apply in their daily life. You may post at least two new blogs/articles per week. Include keywords to make it easy for your audience to find them.

  1. Press Releases and Newsletters

People love the latest news. Most will not ignore press releases and newsletters. These tools give information they consider credible; thus, they afford you good publicity. Use them to empower your company, products, and services. Distribute regular press releases that highlight the usefulness of a product or service and offer facts by citing reviews or testimonials from users.

  1. Audio and Video

You can never underestimate the power of visuals. Posting videos, audios, and graphics on your web site can attract more people. They are attracted to and focused on visuals, allowing you to build better business rapport. Here are a few reasons visuals and audios are effective tools to entice people.

  • Human voice turns information into meaningful and understandable content. Maybe consider a podcast like what we run with Missions and Marketplace.
  • Body motions grab attention.
  • Released emotions are appealing and shareable.
  • Faces and facial expressions can earn the trust of people.
  • People can see what you offer.

People watch and listen more than read much text, so make sure you create quality and energetic clips. Do not bore your viewers. Check the sound and resolution to make sure the video is clear and understandable.

Your web site is your only channel to get more traffic and improve your conversion rate. If no one visits it, who will know and buy/use your products and services?  Many merchants hire an affiliate marketing company to make sure their business endeavors will succeed and take advantage of many of the opportunities listed above.

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