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Five Blunders Outsourced Program Management Agencies Must Avoid

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Affiliate marketing can help your company earn more profit. If you handled it the wrong way, you may lose more income online.

Most online marketers turn to affiliate programs to help them boost their product or service campaigns. The only catch, though, is most affiliates, moreover new companies, commit mistakes in their programs. A few of their activities bring failure instead of success to your business.

Check out the five mistakes new firms in affiliate marketing often commit.blunders

  1. They sound too good to be true. To generate money online, you need more time and effort to build your business. Buyers are wiser now. They are skeptical. You cannot convince them in seconds. You cannot tell them your products are better than others present in the market. They need more proof before they will try any product. If you sell too hard, they may ignore your pitch because they recognize that sounding too good to be true is not genuine.
  2. They lack credibility. You should earn the trust and respect of prospective clients. If you fail to convince and make them believe you, they will not check your sales pitch. A “buy this now” tag on your web pages will not boost your authority. Instead of forcing them to buy, why not inform them and/or give them advice. Explain to and help potential buyers understand why your products are important. In doing this, you ought to research and analyze your market to give visitors correct information. Show you are familiar with your products and services.
  3. They handle a bunch of affiliate programs. Controlling large affiliate programs may cause mismanagement. New firms are inept to handle multiple programs. Focus is very important in handling the procedures, yet handling multiple programs is sometimes unavoidable. Thus, you ought to choose an experienced affiliate company to make sure your account gains the importance it needs.
  4. They fail to weigh the campaign’s success. Tracking is a vital activity in affiliate marketing. It will help you watch the clicks, trace the sale, assign commissions, and realize which page is converting well, too.
  5. They ignore new methods and techniques. The online field is competitive.  Dump old methods and embrace new market trends. SEO and web traffic will always challenge your online business. You need to find and practice novel ways that will grow your online business.

If you want your online business to thrive, find an experienced affiliate marketing company to help you. Contact Affiliate Mission now! .

Google vs. Interstitials and Search Results: A Threat to Affiliates?

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Affiliate programs are now a common marketing strategy among online businesses today. Compared to other digital marketing practices, it lets other people get involved in the process, making the whole digital strategy more personal and effective.

Sadly, marketing tricks aren’t stable online. Trends vary and search algorithm transforms from time to time. Worse, these changes occur abruptly, leaving online marketers stunned on what to do next.

With Google reportedly planning to devalue contents hiding behind interstitial pages (The SEM Post, June 2015), affiliates once again face another challenge of keeping up with the trends. How will this change affect them and what should they do to rise above it? Click on the image below to see an example from


Why Affiliates Use Interstitial Ads?

An interstitial is a page that pops up whenever a user views in between a web page, mobile site page, or an application. Normally, these ads give users the choice to read on its content or close the page. They can either click on the “Skip this advertisement” link or look for the “x” button to exit. While this page has many purposes, many sites contain one to advertise their own or other people’s business.

For affiliates, interstitials mean opportunity. They give publishers the greater chance of earning profit as they allow users to read on the content and consider the offers presented on it. Compared to banners, these ads compel more potential consumers to get to know a product or service more and succumb to the offer. It’s no wonder, many advertisers and merchants prefer to work with sites that have or can offer such ads.

Google vs. Affiliates?

While Google will not ban web sites with interstitial pages, its plan to devalue contents behind these ads will surely affect the search results ranking of many business sites, particularly those who use them most—affiliates.

For this search engine giant, interstitials violates mobile optimization guidelines. They offer poor user experience and often block users from seeing what they want. Hence, to negate this, Google is eager to include interstitials as a “negative ranking factor.” It targets to lower the SEO grades of the sites that use them.

If you are an affiliate, will this new search system affect you? Can you sway people to shift to another search engine?

How to Avoid Drawbacks

Versus Yahoo, Bing, and Ask, Google remains to be the most popular and most used search engine tool worldwide. As of June 2015, it still tops the eBizMBA ranking and has about 1.1 billion estimated unique visitors every month. Hence, if you’re considering snubbing Google’s notice on interstitials, then you might have to think about it again.

Sure, the new algorithm works to your disadvantage, but you have to follow the trends. As everyone goes mobile, your web site has to go mobile, too. Instead of placing “bad” full screen ad, you may use smaller banners or create persuasive contents to advertise. After all, your online presence depends on your applied SEO techniques.

Having a hard time thinking of new tactics? Affiliate Mission can help you develop new affiliate marketing strategies that can sustain and even further your venture. Contact us at to learn more.

An Affiliate Management Process That Works!

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Affiliate marketing is a complex promotional strategy that demands ample time, resources, and experience. If you are new to this practice, you will need to seek the help of a skilled affiliate manager who can work for you and focus on all your marketing needs.

Do you want to use affiliate marketing to the full? Count on Affiliate Mission and get the best assistance you need.affiliate-manager

Here are six reasons why you should trust Affiliate Mission’s affiliate management service:

We offer dedicated and cost-effective affiliate management service.

Versus an in-house affiliate manager, our outsourced team of industry mavens offers a cost-effective and expert affiliate program for your business. With just a fraction of a cost, you can already rely on our staff’s combined years of experience, award-winning skills, and deep industry knowledge. We can help you monitor your affiliates, track your earnings, and realize your full potential in the industry.

We are an established and seasoned team of professionals.

With Affiliate Mission, you are sure to be working with an honest and credible affiliate marketing firm. Our team composes of premier affiliate managers, business developers, and marketing specialists who have worked with a number of merchants, affiliates, and networks over the years.

We connect with a large and trustworthy network.

Effective management is crucial in an affiliate program. Since Affiliate Mission has built stronger and wider networks, you don’t need to waste a lot of time looking for the right people to promote your product or service. We can link you up to a large group of bloggers, SEO experts, coupon affiliates, and social media specialists who can give you assured and visible results.

We will keep your profits secured.

Managing your own affiliate marketing program is not only tiring. It could also be risky. You may not control or monitor your affiliates’ performance or track your earnings well. At Affiliate Mission, we have a dedicated affiliate management team that can oversee your affiliates’ activities 24/7.

We are an affiliate management service company with a mission.

Unlike other affiliate management firms, we at Affiliate Mission offer a part of our quarterly profits to a worthy global cause. When you work with us, you can contribute to a non-profit of your choice and leave a lasting impact to other people’s lives. You will not just guarantee success for your business, but also secure a better future for your beneficiaries.

Take part in our mission to give back to the community. Care for your business while you care for others. Reach out today to see how we can help!

Introducing the Capital Gold Affiliate Program!

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We are happy to announce that the Capital Gold affiliate program has launched under Affiliate Mission management.

Capital Gold Group is not your typical gold and silver retailer. They have a vested interest in making sure their customers are positioned to protect capital_goldthemselves and to profit from what they believe will be the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Capital Gold Group Difference:

1) Most Cost Effective Gold and Silver Vault Options in the World, with vaults located in Salt Lake City, Miami, Hong Kong, Canada, and Singapore.
2) Industry leaders in gold and silver education & knowledge. We create new videos and research consistently to keep our customers educated about the current cycle.
3) Insiders “Exit Strategy” & education program for Customers. View the Capital Gold Group philosophy introduction here: see
4) Worldwide Physical Delivery of gold and silver bullion.
5) Daily economic & industry news updates.
6) Free Newsletter Signup: Receive Breaking news alerts for Precious Metals and Commodities.

To learn more and join Capital Gold affiliate program click here.

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