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Are Affiliate Marketing Services Reliable?

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“Is affiliate marketing a scam?”

This was my question when I first heard about affiliate marketing a year ago. At that time, I was in the online business for over two years and was naïve about digital marketing. I was struggling with my small business, with only a few people buying my products. I only have my web site to promote my business online and my friends to share my page’s URL through their social media accounts.

Then, I read this affiliate marketing company from the blog of one of my former colleagues. He told me about how it works and how it can help promote my business.

Being the curious person that I am, I did what my past co-worker told me. I’ve signed up to see if the trick can really increase my products’ sales. Now, I’m so glad I listened to him.

First, let’s set the record straight. Based on my experience, not all affiliate marketing service companies are trustworthy, but most of them are. I have tried several programs and failed but I did not give up easily. After many times of trying and following expert advices, I finally got the technique on how to succeed.

If you’re into business and want to generate leads and increase your sales, I suggest you get the service of an affiliate network. Trust only credible firms and avoid those that do any of the following:

  • Use spamming techniques to promote products
  • Use typo variation of the merchant’s domain
  • Run fake clicks or referrals
  • Force affiliates to do a specific action
  • Carry out illegal transactions using stolen cards
  • Divert traffic and use parasite sites
  • Copy legit affiliate’s sites and content

Meanwhile, if you are to get your own affiliates, make sure you get the right people by using some of the most common screening techniques that I’ve tried:

  • Check if the affiliate has an active web site.
  • Assess if the site’s content relates to what you’re selling.
  • Know if the affiliate has optimized his site accordingly for the above-mentioned content.
  • Communicate with the affiliate regularly.

It helps, too, if you are familiar with the people you are you dealing with. Make sure you double check their backgrounds and work only with those who you can trust.

So, are affiliate marketing services reliable? Yes, they are! They can boost your sales and generate good leads to your site. Seek for experts’ advice and let them guide you. Know how to spot scammers and be careful in choosing your affiliates.

Affiliate Program Management and Seven Steps to Set It Up

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If you are doing business online, you need to execute effective marketing techniques to advertise your product or service well. You have to connect with your target market and make your brand known to your potential customers.

Doing this, however, isn’t easy. Besides the need to hire expert digital marketers, you need to pay huge sums of money, too, for a highly optimized web site.

Are you on a tight budget? With affiliate marketing, you can get people to promote your stuff without paying them right away. Hire hundreds of affiliate and pay them only after they help you sell your products or service.

Do you want to try it? Here’s how to set up an affiliate program for your business.

  1. Put it on the site. Prepare all the required documents, service agreement, and forms. List the application instructions and post them on your web site.
  2. Spread the news. Recruit people. Join affiliate networks or forums or run a PPC campaign to find (and screen) the best site owners and top affiliates.
  3. Start the deal. Make an offer. Discuss your program and its specifics (including commissions, conversion rate, current traffic, etc.). Contact them directly and invite them to join your program.
  4. Inform affiliates. Give out a newsletter and update your affiliates of your top performers, case studies, tips, promos, and new products.
  5. Entice partners. Keep your affiliates motivated in selling your stuff. Throw a contest, launch a promo, or give freebies.
  6. Connect with your partners. Keep a good working relationship by making yourself available. Write them an e-mail or send updates if necessary.
  7. Manage and monitor the progress. Use a specialized tool or software and automate the vast majority of your program’s functions. This will help you track progress, pay your affiliates, and define clicks, leads, and conversions.

Sure, it is easy to setup an affiliate program, but it takes a lot of patience and hard work to make it successful. Not only do you have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of affiliates; you need to make sure they’re reliable and are able to promote your services well, too. Thus, it is important that you master affiliate marketing first before you take the plunge and get your program running.

Manage Your Scheme

Do you not have enough time to set up or manage an affiliate program? Then, seek help from an expert affiliate program manager.

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Affiliate Marketing and How to Do It Right

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Affiliate marketing is one great way to make money online. Besides helping merchants promote their products or services, it also aids web site owners, even bloggers, to earn money with little or no cost or effort.

Yes, it may sound easy but it takes a lot of patience and hard work to make it successful. Unless you do it right and wisely, you won’t be able to maximize its benefits. Thus, to make sure you do, here are a few tips you can read and follow.

  1. Select your merchants carefully.
    Don’t choose merchants based solely on who pays the highest commission. Consider more those who have the best reputation in the industry and sell reliable and quality products.
  2. 2. Settle on companies you trust.
    Never endorse a product or service that you won’t buy yourself or recommend to your family. Whether you promote it through your blog, e-mail, or web site, make sure you don’t sacrifice your name for a mediocre brand. Opt for a company that you really support and trust.
  3. Focus on a niche.
    Competition on the Internet is fierce. You will not earn money unless you boost your page’s visibility or increase your site’s traffic. Thus, make sure you improve on your page’s content and pick a niche that has a few competitors. Also, try to focus only on a single industry. Find a unique niche that you can publicly associate yourself with and would like to learn a lot from.
  4. Choose a relevant service or product.
    To be a successful affiliate, your chosen product must be relevant to your blog or site’s content. If you are writing about farming; then, your affiliate links and banners should appeal to your target readers, i.e. farmers and farm owners.
  5. Avoid overcrowding.
    Don’t stuff your web site with a great deal of banners and ads. This has the opposite effect on people. It also has the added bonus of making your site look ugly.
  6. Build trust.
    Your repeat visitors will help you drive traffic. They will increase your back links, spread the word, and recommend your site as the go-to place for valuable information. You need to build a relationship based on genuine content.
  7. Help your readers.
    Think of affiliate ads as added resources that can boost your site’s content. Thus, always make sure they are helpful, useful, and informative. Take time to write a detailed review and use the ads to point them to the right direction once they decided to act on your info.

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Affiliate Management Service: What Can It Do for Your Business?

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Digital marketing has brought so many benefits to companies worldwide. It has not only enabled them to gain huge online exposure. It has also helped them get a greater number of audience and clients globally.

Do you want to get the most out of online marketing? You can try a unique strategy and seek other people’s support to market your business. Yes, you can reach out to other web site owners and bloggers and let them promote your business through “affiliate marketing.”

An affiliate program does not just boost your reach and potentials. It can help multiply your sales as well. You can choose to hire a person or a team to manage this program for you.

Rewards to Enjoy

If you are busy with your business or have not set up an affiliate program for your firm yet; then, hiring an affiliate management service is a wise decision. You just have to choose the best affiliate program manager to assure a more hassle-free experience and better returns.

Although you can setup and manage your own affiliate program, hiring an expert affiliate manager is better and more favorable. Listed below are five reasons why you should employ them:

  • It saves time and effort. Having someone to get clients for your business is better than doing it (along with other tasks) on your own. Further, you don’t have to worry about the resources you will need for your program. Affiliate managers can take care of these things for you.
  • It exposes your business to a greater number of people. Skilled affiliate managers have already proved themselves and earned wide networks of partners through the years. Often acting as a common point of contact for many merchants, they are able to promote various programs all at once.
  • It offers effective programs. Affiliate managers know the best type of program for your business. They go the extra mile to give you a tailored solution for your needs.
  •  It saves money. You can pay them based on their performance or the results of their marketing strategies. This scheme forces them to strategize well for your business.
  • It addresses your needs. Affiliate managers can focus more on your program. They can perform thorough review of client base and revenue and work to improve them further.

Affiliate marketing is like hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll get to market your business, at the same time, boost your business’ revenue.

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Affiliate Management Agency: Top Five Qualities to Look For

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If you want to earn six figures from your online business per year, would you consider an affiliate management agency? Having a good and effective campaign is a trouble-free way to make money.

An affiliate’s role is to do strategic work to drive more sales. The payback is big if you get the best affiliate management service. In the US, businesses generated about 20 percent or $53 billion of total sales from affiliate marketing in 2005. Thus, it is very crucial that you choose the most reliable firm that can manage your affiliate program, at the same time, give you greater returns.

If you want to arrive at the right decision, here are five qualities you should look for in an affiliate management agency:

  1. Trustworthy
    The agency must be credible enough to do business with you. Can you trust the manager and his/her team? What will you get and how will you get it? Investigate on the agency’s track record. Read testimonials and check if its clients or web sites are real. Find out if they show honesty and integrity in what they do.
  2.  Dedicated
    A dedicated agency builds good relationships with you and your affiliates. They take charge and constantly reach out for reliable affiliate partners, who can help you market your products and services to more people around the globe. Thus, make sure you find one that will listen to your worries and would be eager to devote their time in running your program.
  3. Organized
    Organization skills are crucial in this field. An affiliate agency may be running hundreds of ads at the same time or monitoring a number of advertisers with deadlines. Hence, choose an agency who can keep a record of their daily activities. See, too, if they have the necessary tools and software to run the program effectively and accurately.
  4. Knowledgeable
    The firm must know how to manage your program well. They must understand your business and listen to your customers’ needs. They must apply the right strategies for a successful campaign and consider the best set of affiliates who can market your business and help you win over new clients.
  5. Experienced
    Pick an agency that has the proven skills and credibility in running affiliate programs. Besides a strong experience in the field, they should also have a large network or affiliates and tools that can make the whole program more fruitful and effective.

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